I'm the voice of your animal



Animal communication from the heart

Some people don’t understand why I’m talking to animals.
I don’t mind. The animals understand me.

 Animal communication

Miracles are happening from time to time! This is one of them! With your request to ANIMAL VOICE you will be able to speak directly to your animal. What seems impossible will actually become possible for you. You will get a professional conversation with us and the real chance to get into verbal contact with your animal. What makes us special?

Procedure of the animal talks 

I do the animal communication together with my mother Margrit. During my contact with the animals, is my mother the conversation leader and guides the animals through the question-and-answer sessions. As a pet owner, you can follow this experience directly. 
How does a conversation look like?

The voice of your animal

We want to make the everyday life in the animal-human team more harmonious. And we want that you get to know the needs of your animal. This results in many new ways and solutions for a satisfied and happy togetherness. Problems can be identified and corrected with the appropriate behavior.

Together we will find new ways!